Soft Cheese 4 Pack

Soft Cheese 4 Pack
Soft Cheese 4 Pack
Soft Cheese 4 Pack
Soft Cheese 4 Pack
Soft Cheese 4 Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Soft Cheese 4 Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Soft Cheese 4 Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Soft Cheese 4 Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Soft Cheese 4 Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Soft Cheese 4 Pack

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So, you like it soft and gooey?
They say good things come in fours!

What are the cheeses?
This pack is something that any cheese lover will drool over! Numbers are strictly limited, so grab your pack before they're all gone!

SOFT - Monet, Kris Lloyd, SA  
This one’s been trialled by the Brittish Royal family, so now you too can dine like monarchs. Using a traditional, overnight lactic fermentation method, a fresh creamy chevre is first created. The following day the curds are labelled by hand and drained before they are whipped with a generous seasoning. A selection of herbs and organic edible flowers that are in season decorate the cheese. Every cheese is seasonally themed. No two are the same. The cheese is named Monet after Monet Gardens because the finished product is not unlike photographs of his garden.

SOFT - Saint Angel, Fromagerie Guilloteau | FRANCE  
Guilloteau Fromagerie’s famous brand of d’Affinois is known across the world as the go to cheese for pretty much anyone wanting silky creamy goodness. Saint Angel is created in the same way as d’Affinois except this cheese has extra cream added to make this a triple cream version. To be honest, there isn’t much separating this from butter. The velvety covering of fine white mould, soft luscious texture and satiny-buttery mouth feel give you the feeling that this is the cheese they eat in heaven.

SOFT -Camembert, Milawa Cheese Co, VIC  
It was first made in the late 18th century at Camembert, Normandy, in northern France, and now crafted by many cheesemakers around the world, including our own Milawa Australian cheesemaker, Camembert has to be one of the most eaten cheeses! Well, by our books it is! Relaxing with friends - pass the camembert. In the late evening - pass the camembert. Breakfast - pass the camembert. Is there ever not a good time for a creamy, buttery, oozing wheel of camembert.

SOFT - Tintenbar Triple Cream, Nimbin Valley, NSW  
Crafted from cow milk, Tintenbar Triple Cream is a bloomy white mould cheese that's been made even more delightful with the addition of fresh cream. When young the paste has a chalky texture which matures into a very creamy and oozy cheese with a rich buttery yellow centre. This is how we like it! 

The Nitty Gritty:

  1. Each cheese weighs approx. 150g-200g. Sometimes we will find a brilliant or rare cheese that weighs less that we just want to showcase to you. 

  2. Every month we will deliver incredible cheeses from around Australia, direct to your door. All handmade by artisan makers.

  3. Therapy Box subscriptions are sent second week of the month. If you would like us to delay your pack, please let us know. If you join our Cheese Club later in the month, we will send when we receive your order, unless sold out - in which case, your pack will be rolled into the next month.

  4. We deliver to most of the country via refrigerated vehicles through Home Delivery Service. We no longer deliver through Australia Post due to unreliability. More details about delivery and where we deliver to can be found here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Used by dates

The cheese was nice but i found the used by dates were not long enough and couldnt eat that amount of cheese in such a short time

Amazing tasting cheese!

Would give 5 stars but one of my cheeses turned up out of date. So far we’ve tried 2 of 4 out of the soft cheese box and they are the nicest cheeses we’ve ever eaten!


Wonderful samples of both French and Australian quality. Delivered cold, fresh and in good shape. I'll be back!

4 pack cheese order

Considered very tasty by the family, with both being very smooth and flavoursome


Much enjoyed by the cheese lovers

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