Section 28 Il Lupo

Section 28 Il Lupo
Section 28 Il Lupo
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Section 28 Il Lupo

"Heavenly raclette duo"

When a duo complements each other in perfect precision, it’s like heaven to your ears… or to your mouth in this case! Combining a local Adelaide Hills Cider with a French trained cheesemaker, gives you one duo you will want to be in the company of, again and again. You don't need to wait for the full moon to howl at this big cheese! 'The Wolf’, in Italian, Il Lupo is a tribute to the orchardists of the Adelaide Hills. Il Lupo is made in a traditional raclette-style before being bathed in the fabulous LOBO cider, made just down the road by their good friends. What makes it complete is the 3 month minimum ageing process in the Section 28 cave! Then... it's alive and ready to rise for worship.

Who is Section 28 Cheese?
Although we may not want to admit it, the French do bloody brilliant cheese. Kym Masters of Section 28 knew this, left his corporate life behind and flew to France. Once there, he knocked on dozens of cheesemakers' doors to ask if he could spend a couple of months working for them. Rejection after rejection until one let him in. One of France's top makers of alpine cheeses, Kym was given a rare insight into how to create a masterpiece. Now Section 28 is on the rise to be the cream of the crop.

How does it taste?
Il Lupo is handcrafted using pasteurised cow's milk and has a sticky rind with a yeasty aroma that hints of cider, balanced by a silky smooth pâté tasting of fresh nuts with a meaty, savoury finish.

Why Il Lupo is the cheese for you

  1. Buying Section 28 Cheese means you’re helping to support a very small, family-owned cheesemaker in the Adelaide Hills.
  2. Il Lupo is a multi-awarded cheese, taking home silver at the 2017 SA Dairy Awards, (Washed Rind Cheese Category) and silver in the 2016 SA Dairy Awards (Washed Rind Cheese Category).
  3. Il Lupo gives you both cheese and cider in one and when you’re holding this big wheel you can’t help but want to swap your first born for another wheel.

Blessed are the cheesemakers.

    The Nitty Gritty

    If you would like us to delay your pack, please let us know. We only send on Monday and Tuesday so that our Cheese Packs are delivered prior to the weekend, so they avoid being held up somewhere. Not cool.

    We send all parcels the fastest way possible which is AusPost Express. Cost of shipping is $15 and this will be added to your order on checkout. 90% of our cheese packs arrive Wednesdays or Thursdays, while the others may take another day - and will arrive Fridays. Every pack is wrapped in a special wool blanket to insulate it as well as being packed with 4 gel ice packs. This keeps it fresh in its wondrous journey to you. 

    Each wheel is roughly 5.95kg. As this is a handmade product, weights will vary.

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