Hard Cheese 4 Pack

Hard Cheese 4 Pack
Hard Cheese 4 Pack
Hard Cheese 4 Pack
Hard Cheese 4 Pack
Hard Cheese 4 Pack
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Hard Cheese 4 Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Hard Cheese 4 Pack
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So, you like it hard?
They say good things come in fours
This pack is curated combining some of the finest hard cheese. Amazing right! Oh yes, very amazing! Numbers are strictly limited, so get in quick!

HARD - Gin Herbalist, Grandvewe | TAS, Australia   
Gin and cheese. Of course! Grandvewe also make sheep whey gin so why not combine the two? After Head Distiller Ryan distills his gin, the spent Australian botanicals are rubbed on the outside to create a very unique cheese that has won them much praise across the country. It even won Best Cheese as the recent World Dairy Innovation Awards! Yes, you're right to be intrigued now!

HARD - Collina Veneta, San Rocco | Italy  
This one is very special, and ‘molto bene’ if you would ask our Italian friends. It is referred to as a semi-hard cheese, developing a beautiful crumbly texture when cut into. However, when it lands on your tongue it is smooth in texture. Magic, we know!

It doesn’t stop there either. Something during the making of this cheese makes it develop another magical characteristic, beautiful white flecks of calcium lactate crystals. They provide a nice little crunch to the bite. We warn you now, once you’ve tried this one you will go mama mia (and go for a second bite)!

HARD - Clothbound Cheddar, Pyengana | TAS, Australia  
For four generations, the Healey family have been making English-style cheddar from their Pyengana farm. To say they’ve got a bit of experience is an understatement! To this day, they still only make cheddar…12 varieties mind you and this one is  Australia’s best example of how a cheddar should be. It’s richness of flavour, the butteriness and that earthy smell from the cloth make this a gold. It’s no wonder that the famed Rockpool restaurant in Sydney have a section in the cheese cave just for them.

HARD - Chevrano, Van Der Heiden | The Netherlands  
This delicious ivory-white aged goat’s milk cheese is matured by multi-generational farmhouse cheesemakers and affineurs Van der Heiden in Krimpenerwaard, just south of Gouda in The Netherlands.

The taste of matured goat cheese is very distinctive. It is a semi hard cheese and crumbles when cut, making it a great choice to scatter through a salad. At first nutty to taste, then it gives way to a slight sweetness reminiscent of caramel. 

The Nitty Gritty:

  1. Each cheese weighs approx. 150g-200g. Sometimes we will find a brilliant or rare cheese that weighs less that we just want to showcase to you.
  2. Every month we will deliver incredible cheeses from around Australia, direct to your door. All handmade by artisan makers.
  3. Therapy Box subscriptions are sent second week of the month. If you would like us to delay your pack, please let us know. If you join our Cheese Club later in the month, we will send when we receive your order, unless sold out - in which case, your pack will be rolled into the next month.
  4. We deliver to most of the country via refrigerated vehicles through Home Delivery Service. We no longer deliver through Australia Post due to unreliability. More details about delivery and where we deliver to can be found here.

Thank you for joining Cheese Club - we always love your feedback and photos too!

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

The quality of the cheese was outstanding, however I was expecting the size of the portions to be twice what they were. Not what I would call value for money.

Pretty good selection

Enjoyed half of this pack v much. Appreciated the CT team swapping out the Gin Herbalist, that didn’t work for us. Really didn’t dig the Chevrano but the Pyengana and the Collina Veneta were good!

Fair cheese, poor delivery

Cheese was fair, delivery thrown in sun even though esky with ice was placed at door ready for delivery

hard cheese pack

Enjoying the smoked cheese, yet to try the gruyere. Information in the pack was not relevant to the cheeses


Hard Cheese 4 Pack

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