Globetrotter Cheese Club

Globetrotter Cheese Club
Globetrotter Cheese Club
Globetrotter Cheese Club
Globetrotter Cheese Club
Globetrotter Cheese Club
Globetrotter Cheese Club
Globetrotter Cheese Club
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"Delicious cheeses from around the world"

April cheeses have landed! Another month of amazing cheeses from France and Holland with two Aussie favourites amongst the mix.

Why you should order this month’s Globetrotter Pack

Cheese that has travelled from afar to reach you, and for once not the other way around! This year treat your tastebuds to a journey overseas through the flavours in these international cheeses!

The pack includes four amazing boutique cheeses selected by our cheesemongers from around the world for you to enjoy. 

SOFT - Tarago Triple Cream, Tarago River | Australia 
The creamy softness simply melts in the mouth. It’s easy to feel that this is a triple cream as it starts to ooze. As the cheese ripens, the softer it will get. We highly recommend getting this to room temperature before eating even though it’s so tempting to start getting into it. Let the excitement build!

HARD - L'Amuse Rispen's, CONO Cheesemakers | Holland    
L’Amuse Rispen’s sheep cheese is made from ewes milk that is high in protein, high in fat, making it perfect to make world class cheese from. Truly reflecting the regional terrior, this cheese has complex grassy flavour with a fresh, milky finish.

STINKY - Petit Munster, Haxaire | France    
We have come to expect that many great European cheeses have been around forever. This little Munster is no different with links back to the town of Munster in the seventh century. Legend has it that the cheese was cared for by the monks in their cellars. They were given the cheeses and jars of butter as payment by the cow herders for allowing them to transverse their lands. The monks then gave the cheeses, once matured, to the local community. In fact, the name, Munster is an alteration of the word ‘monastery’.

BLUE - Bolte's Bonanza, Apostle Whey | Australia   
This is a delicious blue that has so many sensations in the texture that you'll be pulling some wow faces when tasting it for the first time! Bolte’s Bonanza is a blue vein that has been matured in wax, creating a creamy, moist cheese with an altered flavour and texture to a naturally rinded blue. You have a smooth texture and then crunchy crystalised blue vein pockets that burst in your mouth - it’s a blissful surprise with every bite!


Tasting Notes and Pairing Suggestions
Each pack includes one of each cheese, accompanying tasting notes and suggested wine and food pairings. If a promoted cheese is unavailable for some reason, we will replace it with another great cheese.

* Cheeses may change without notice if they become unavailable. In this case, we will substitute with another great cheese. 

Blessed are the cheesemakers. 


It's about what you add to it...

Add on The Grazing Box to create the ultimate cheese board with these essentials. It's got sourdough lavosh crackers, marinated baby figs, pastes and chocolate. Oh yes!


Our Perfect Paired wine packs! This monthly offering has been chosen to pair perfectly with this pack. Choose from our Perfect Pair Wine Pack or our very special Rhodium Edition.

About Cheese Club 

For over four years, our Cheese Club has delivered to cheese lovers across Australia every month. You can sit, relax and enjoy a moment together (even virtually now) and explore new tastes, traditions, styles and stories. A cheese tasting is the time to reconnect and take a break to savour the moment. Our Cheese Club subscription is the perfect gift to treat yourself or someone you love!

Each month we select and send an incredible range of special international and Australian cheeses to our members - often you cannot find these cheeses in shops. Our cheese packs showcase handcrafted, creative cheeses that celebrate the very best skills in this centuries-old industry. We have often trudged miles to find cheese in a remote or rural place, for you and for the love of cheese!

The Nitty Gritty:

  1. Each cheese weighs approx. 150g-200g. Sometimes we will find a brilliant or rare cheese that weighs less that we just want to showcase to you. 

  2. Every month we will deliver incredible cheeses from around the world, direct to your door. All handmade by artisan makers.

  3. Subscriptions are sent second week of the month. If you would like us to delay your pack, please let us know. If you join our Cheese Club later in the month, we will send when we receive your order, unless sold out - in which case, your pack will be rolled into the next month.

  4. Your subscription is a minimum of 3 deliveries. You can skip months or change address at any time - just let us know. Our customer service team can assist you with any enquiries you have via 

  5. We delivered to most of the country via refrigerated vehicles through Home Delivery Service. Everywhere else use use Australia Post with a specially created insulated box.

Customer Reviews

Based on 132 reviews
Fabulous cheeses!!

Absolutely wonderful and tasty cheeses. The soft Brie was extra special.
We will definitely be placing more orders in the future
Thank you Cheese Therapy. J&I

April Globetrotter

The blue and soft goats cheeses were some of the best I have had



A fabulous gift

I sent this beautiful gift to my friend as a thank you for being you reminder and she absolutely loved it


Everybody loved the cheese.

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