Globetrotter Cheese Club

Globetrotter Cheese Club
Globetrotter Cheese Club
Globetrotter Cheese Club
Globetrotter Cheese Club
Globetrotter Cheese Club
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Delivering Cheese Australia-wide

June Cheese Club is coming!
"La Bataille de la Manche"

Club Orders now will be the June Pack shipping in June

Just when you thought cheese couldn't get anymore exciting... because cheese, then our Cheesemonger decides to pit the French against the strong and bold British. Meanwhile, nobody's keeping an eye on the lone Australian in the pack. But which way will this go? He's a Frenchman living in Australia. Will he stay neutral? Or blow them all away.

La Bataille de la Manche (The Battle of the English Channel) usually starts in June as English Channel swimming hopefuls line up in Dover, one-by-one, on the English shore, ready to take their solo plunge. This ritual continues through to September, except for this year as an entire season is halted, putting an end to many dreams.

Our L'Artisan Haloumi is just like all the Australians who head over there each year. This cheese, made with cow and not the usual sheep milk creates a gorgeous cheese best served grilled and drizzled in lemon. The slight squeak and low saltiness make this a new sensation.

And like all Aussie swimmers, they feel like a big bold Brittish Stilton; standing tall, robust and able to conquer anything they put before them. I AM BRITISH it roars.

As our hopeful swimmer sets off on his journey, nothing more can be done to prepare for this moment. Our Epoisses continues on with the scent of bravado, the further he goes, the stronger he gets... but this is a mask. Under that mask is a centre that is slowly turning to goo. The more he goes on, the more things turn to mush.

The closest point to England is Cap Griz Nez, a headland jutting out with a lighthouse standing tall. The strong make it to here only to drag themselves over the jagged rocks and raise their weary body up. As the adrenalin flows, the once-bold swimmer is at his rawest. Just like our Rond du Val, its soft, gentle, quiet. He needs a hug, don't be too loud. He's feeling sensitive yet proud.

On this occasion. No one won. This wasn't a race or a battle. This was the culmination of skill, hard work, patience and a team working together. Cheese. It's so many things.

We do include tasting notes that also recommend what to drink with each one.

For over four years, our Cheese Club has embraced people across Australia every month - you can sit, relax and enjoy a moment together  - even virtually now - and explore new tastes, traditions, styles and stories. A cheese tasting is the time to reconnect and take a break to savour the moment. Our Cheese Club subscription is the perfect gift for someone you care about, including you!

Each month we select and send delicious, special international and Australian cheeses to our members - often you cannot find these cheeses in shops. Our cheese packs showcase handcrafted, creative cheeses that celebrate the very best skills in this centuries-old industry.

June 2020 featured:
HARD - L'Artisan Haloumi (AUS) 200g
SOFT - Papillon Rond Du Val (FRA) 150g
STINKY - Berthaut Epoisses AOP (FRA) 125g
BLUE - Will Studd Stilton (UK) 200g

    Each pack includes one of each cheese, accompanying tasting notes and suggested wine and food pairings. If a promoted cheese is unavailable for some reason, we will replace it with another great cheese.

    The Details of the Pack

    Each cheese weighs approx 150-200g. Sometimes we find a brilliant cheese that weighs less that we just want to showcase to you.

    Your subscription is $80 + shipping at the beginning of each month, until you opt out. Cheese Club boxes are packed and shipped at the start of the second week each month. You can skip months or add more to your pack at any time - just let us know.

    Every month we deliver a range of incredible cheese to you that we have probably trudged miles to find in some remote or rural location, for you and for the love of cheese.

    Blessed are the cheesemakers!

    The Cheese Club x 4 Pack gives you:

    • Four delicious cheeses from around the world that change each month
    • Tasting notes & serving suggestions

    Please Note: 
    It is a minimum of 3 deliveries for a subscription.

    The Nitty Gritty

    The June 2020 Cheese Club packs will start to leave us on 8 June. If you would like us to delay your pack, please let us know. If you join our Cheese Club after 8 June, we will send when we receive your order. We only send on Monday or Tuesday so that your cheese avoids the weekend and possibly being held up somewhere. Not cool. 

    We send all parcels the fastest way possible which is our own Cheese Angels in SEQld, Melbourne and Geelong and AusPost Express for the rest of the country. Cost of shipping is $15 and this will be added to your order on checkout. Generally 90% of our cheese packs arrive the day after we send (remember we only send Monday or Tuesday) but others may take another day or two, based on your location. Every box includes foodsafe insulation and ice packs to keep it fresh on its journey to your door.

    Thank you for joining Cheese Club - we always love your feedback and photos too!

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