About us



During a hedonistic week of holidays in the once-French colony of Vanuatu, our creators partied like they were twenty again. In between bottles of Champagne, fireworks, French cheeses and a pig called George (a story for another time), they all shared their frustrations of the demise of the artisanal deli throughout Australia at the hands of the behemoth and bland supermarkets. The flavours readily available in the third-world country of Vanuatu far exceeded those of back home. Thus, Cheese Therapy was born.


Above: The Cheese Therapy launch in April 2015 with our friends at Grape Therapy.




Your chief Cheese Therapists are Helen Shadforth and Sam Penny, a dynamic duo with very different skills that compliment each other and a shared love and passion for fine cheese!

Sam is the driving force behind the Cheese Therapy marketing and tech set up. Helen, with many years of graphic design experience, is responsible for managing the brand. Together they co-ordinate the cheese packs and plan up to 12 months ahead for what cheeses Cheese Therapy will present. These two also have the very tough job of visiting and discovering cheesemakers world-wide and sample their produce. Tough job but someone has to do it!




Apart from the fact that we LOVE cheese and just wanted a really good excuse to eat a lot of cheese, there actually are other reasons why we do this. Firstly, it's just so damn difficult to get great cheese in Australia if you aren't in one of big cities. Why should most of the country be deprived of amazing Australian and international cheeses just because they aren't living in a huge city??? We know that most of you who can't get good stuff have experienced out-of-this-world cheese before - whether it has been on a magical European holiday, in a boutique deli in Melbourne, on a visit to a cheesemaker in Tassie or maybe via that really 'fancy' friend who seems to somehow have decent cheese in their fridge. Well now you CAN get amazing cheese no matter where you are in Australia! We have sent our cheese packs from one side of the country to the other, many of our members live in very rural parts of the country - last Christmas we even shipped to Norfolk Island!!!

We love the story of cheese just as much as the cheese itself. Every cheese and and it's maker has a story. This is not mass-produced product here guys, we are talking artisanal, boutique, hand made cheeses and often from places that have been doing it for hundreds of years. We want to share their story with you and we want you to experience product that you wouldn't easily get a chance experience. Blessed are the cheesemakers.