Swissmar 11 piece Fondue Set - Copper

Swissmar 11 piece Fondue Set - Copper

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Oh la la! It's time to turn up the glam and turn on the fondue with this family size copper fondue set.

Having graduated well beyond the 1960s culinary craze, fondue cooking remains a creative way to bring friends and family around the table for a deliciously cheesy experience. Just watch how fast the eating gets as the cheesy starts to run out! 

Swissmar's Biel 11-piece fondue set is copper plated stainless steel with a tapered opening to keep the heat inside the pot and avoid spattering, because we know that warm cheese belongs in your mouth, not splattered on your clothes! 


Why you really want a set

  • This 11 Piece set includes 1.8L fondue pot, splatter guard, 6 forks, rechaud, fondue burner and recipe card so you can get started with your fondue party as soon as it arrives.
  • 2.2L pot made of 0.8mm thick, 18/8 copper-plated stainless steel with a tapered opening to avoid any splatters.
  • Provides even heat distribution and is ideal for cooking at high and low temperatures - perfect for evenly melted cheese.


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