Swissmar 11 piece Fondue Set - Cherry Red

Swissmar 11 piece Fondue Set - Cherry Red

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You've got to be a little bit extra when it comes to fondue! A fiery red fondue set is just that! 

Having graduated well beyond the 1960s culinary craze, fondue cooking remains a creative way to bring friends and family around the table for a deliciously cheesy experience. Just watch how fast the eating gets as the cheesy starts to run out! 

Swissmar's Sierra 11-piece fondue set specialises in heating oil or broth too just incase you get sick of cheese... who are we kidding that won't happen! 

Why you really want a set

  • This 11-piece fondue set includes 1.5L pot with handles, 6 colour-tipped forks, splatter ring, rechaud and paste/gel fuel burner - it's ready to go!
  • Enameled cast iron for superior heat distribution and retention at both low and high temperature - perfect for evenly melting your cheese.
  • Easy recipes included! It doesn't just melt yummy cheeses - it also heats oil, broths, soups, dips, and more.
  • Measures 21cm high by 20cm in diameter; pot measures 17cm, so they'll be enough melted goodness to go around. 




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