Apostle Whey Cheesemaker Pack

Apostle Whey Cheesemaker Pack
Apostle Whey Cheesemaker Pack
Apostle Whey Cheesemaker Pack
Havarti made by Apostle Whey.
Apostle Whey Cheesemaker Pack
Three generations of cheesemakers at Apostle Whey!
Optional extra, add a beautiful selection of fine Australian produce that goes perfectly well with any artisan cheese.
Load image into Gallery viewer, Apostle Whey Cheesemaker Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Apostle Whey Cheesemaker Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Apostle Whey Cheesemaker Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Havarti made by Apostle Whey.
Load image into Gallery viewer, Apostle Whey Cheesemaker Pack
Load image into Gallery viewer, Three generations of cheesemakers at Apostle Whey!
Load image into Gallery viewer, Optional extra, add a beautiful selection of fine Australian produce that goes perfectly well with any artisan cheese.

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The Apostle Whey Cheesemaker Pack!

"Fresh, Farmhouse Favourites" 

We love working with talented cheesemakers with a strong passion for what they do, the environment and their animals. Apostle Whey Cheese is a standout. With a long history in dairy farming, they made the transition to cheesemaking two decades ago and boy we are so glad they did! Following traditional recipes and using milk from their farm, you get a flavour of tradition, mixed with the unique twist the Great Ocean Road region delivers. In this special pack, we include four of their best cheeses for you to enjoy.  

Who is Apostle Whey?

Just a short drive from the Twelve Apostles, Apostle Whey Cheese is a big tourist drawcard for the local region. Apostle Whey Cheese is home to an array of award-winning, delectable cheeses - all handmade! They use milk from their herd of Aussie Red/ Jersey cows to craft the cheeses. It's easy to see that the business is a labour of love that combines two of Julian and Dianne Benson passions – sustainable farming and boutique, artisan produce.

What are the cheeses*?

This pack includes four cheeses that will thrill you and your tastebuds - every single one has incredible flavour and texture.

BLUE: Bay of Matyrs
Milk   |  Vegetarian

You know this one is something special as soon as you lay your eyes on it. The network of beautiful blue veins is just mesmerising, it almost resembles a well thought out pattern of marble. Once you’ve finished admiring its exterior it shows evidence of being carefully matured for four months - to perfection we would like to say! The texture is slightly crumbly at first, but will soon melt on top of your tounge. Then it will deliver a flavour explosion like no other with tangy and crisp notes! After one bite we’re sure you’ll fall in love, and trust you to not let a single crumb get left behind.


SOFT: Loch Ard Gorgeous
Milk   |  Vegetarian

If this cheese carries the name in honour of the ship we don’t know, but what we do know is that it’s absolutely delicious! Loch Ard Gorgeous lives up to it’s name, being a gorgeous Normandy style Cam! It has a velvety exterior and an indulgent, buttery interior. We suggest leaving this deliciousness to warm up to room temperature before enjoyed, that’s when it’s at it’s oozy best!

HARD: Plain Havarti
Milk   |  Vegetarian

This Plain Havarti style cheese is the base cheese for Apostle Whey Cheese's Heytesbury Harvest range. It won the highest-scoring semi-hard cheese at the DIAA awards in Melbourne 2014. It is a very smooth, creamy cheese – tending towards cheddar flavour as it matures. Based off a Danish recipe this semi-hard cheese has a very smooth mouthfeel and mild flavour. 

STINKY: Grotto
Milk   |  Vegetarian

Grotto starts off as a camembert but is washed daily in a secret recipe brine! That is how the colour develops, a beautiful orange tone! Being a stinky cheese it has the characteristic smell, but don’t be scared, as the saying goes ‘the stinkier, the better’!

* Cheeses may change without notice if they become unavailable. In this case, we will substitute with another great cheese. 

Blessed are the cheesemakers. 


Add on The Grazing Box

The Grazing Box includes four great artisan products to add more life to your cheeseboard. Each item has been specially selected to complement each of the cheeses and support four small artisan makers. In the Grazing Box there is:

    • Fleur Lavosh by Silver Tongue

    • Marinated Baby Figs by Far Meadows Lodge

    • Raspberry & Chilli Dark Chocolate by Kokopod

    • Quince Paste and Pear & Pink Pepper Paste by Ugly Duck Fine Foods


The Nitty Gritty:

  1. Each cheese weighs approx. 150g-200g. Sometimes we will find a brilliant or rare cheese that weighs less that we just want to showcase to you. 

  2. Packs are processed and posted within 7 days of ordering, unless it is a pre-order. If you would like us to delay your pack, please let us know. If there are any delays with your order, you will be sent an email to notify you.

  3. We delivered to most of the country via refrigerated vehicles through Home Delivery Service. We no longer deliver through Australia Post due to unreliability. More details about delivery and where we deliver to can be found here.


Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Apostle Whey cheese

Looks good. Haven't had a chance to have some but will today.

Cheese Heaven

A marvellous selection of cheese, that just makes you sit back close your eyes and give thanks to the genius of the cheese makers! (And the cows!) Yes, it is that good!

The perfect gift!

Having received a fabulous Cheese Therapy box as a gift from my daughter, I was confident of the high quality product and beautiful presentation. We organised one for Dad's birthday and I was a bit concerned it might not arrive in time seeing as a birthday card can often take a week or two to get there. The girl I spoke to in your office was extremely helpful and reassuring. It took only 3 days for the box to arrive and Dad was thrilled! Apparently he had been following the story of Cheese Therapy on Facebook so was absolutely delighted to receive his own box! He recounted the story to us and raved about the presentation - all before even trying the cheese! We are visiting him for Christmas and he is saving some for us to have together. Thanks Cheese Therapy - now we know what to get him each year for his birthday!


Apostle Whey Cheesemaker Pack

A Treat for the Taste Buds

This is the second box from Apostle Whey and I ordered it to share at a special family gathering. It went down a treat, especially the Brie and the blue. Howe, all four cheeses were truly wonderful and were a highlight of the afternoon.

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