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Globetrotter Cheese Club
Globetrotter Cheese Club
Globetrotter Cheese Club
Globetrotter Cheese Club
Globetrotter Cheese Club
Globetrotter Cheese Club
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"Delicious cheeses from around the world"

Yes! February is already upon us and boy, do we have an amazing line up of cheeses from around the world for you!

Why you should order this month’s Globetrotter Pack

Cheese that has travelled from afar to reach you, and for once not the other way around! This year treat your tastebuds to a journey overseas through the flavours in these international cheeses!

The pack includes four amazing boutique cheeses selected by our cheesemongers from around the world for you to enjoy. 

HARD - Chevrano, Van Der Heiden | The Netherlands
This delicious ivory-white aged goat’s milk cheese is matured by multi-generational farmhouse cheesemakers and affineurs Van der Heiden in Krimpenerwaard, just south of Gouda in The Netherlands.
The taste of matured goat cheese is very distinctive. It is a semi hard cheese and crumbles when cut, making it a great choice to scatter through a salad. At first nutty to taste, then it gives way to a slight sweetness reminiscent of caramel. 

SOFT - Saint Angel, Fromagerie Guilloteau | France 
Guilloteau Fromagerie’s famous brand of d’Affinois is known across the world as the go to cheese for pretty much anyone wanting silky creamy goodness. Saint Angel is created in the same way as d’Affinois except this cheese has extra cream added to make this a triple cream version. To be honest, there isn’t much separating this from butter. The velvety covering of fine white mould, soft luscious texture and satiny-buttery mouth feel give you the feeling that this is the cheese they eat in heaven.

SOFT - Truffle Triple Cream Brie, Woombye Cheese Co | Australia   
Pinch yourself, you haven’t just died and gone to heaven. This cheese really does exist, and it comes from our own backyard in beautiful Woombye on the Sunshine Coast. Although some pasteurised bries can lack the earthy complex flavours of their raw milk cousins, the clever cheese-makers at Woombye have royally compensated for this by adding the most intense flavour of them all, black truffle. The result is a cheese so dangerously indulgent they should keep it locked up.

BLUE - D'Affinois Bleu, Fromagerie Guilloteau | France   
The blue veins in this cheese give the usual tang and bite as you’d expect from the mould, but combine that with the velvety and luscious texture of your typical d’Affinois, then you are in heaven! Due to the creaminess, this cheese is essentially a rich blue brie that has a sweet-blue aftertaste. Everything about this cheese wants you to keep on going. And let’s not forget, it is nutrient rich… Health kick starter?


Tasting Notes and Pairing Suggestions
Each pack includes one of each cheese, accompanying tasting notes and suggested wine and food pairings. If a promoted cheese is unavailable for some reason, we will replace it with another great cheese.

* Cheeses may change without notice if they become unavailable. In this case, we will substitute with another great cheese. 

Blessed are the cheesemakers. 


About Cheese Club 

For over four years, our Cheese Club has delivered to cheese lovers across Australia every month. You can sit, relax and enjoy a moment together (even virtually now) and explore new tastes, traditions, styles and stories. A cheese tasting is the time to reconnect and take a break to savour the moment. Our Cheese Club subscription is the perfect gift to treat yourself or someone you love!

Each month we select and send an incredible range of special international and Australian cheeses to our members - often you cannot find these cheeses in shops. Our cheese packs showcase handcrafted, creative cheeses that celebrate the very best skills in this centuries-old industry. We have often trudged miles to find cheese in a remote or rural place, for you and for the love of cheese!

The Nitty Gritty:

  1. Each cheese weighs approx. 150g-200g. Sometimes we will find a brilliant or rare cheese that weighs less that we just want to showcase to you. 

  2. Every month we will deliver incredible cheeses from around the world, direct to your door. All handmade by artisan makers.

  3. Subscriptions are sent second week of the month. If you would like us to delay your pack, please let us know. If you join our Cheese Club later in the month, we will send when we receive your order, unless sold out - in which case, your pack will be rolled into the next month.

  4. Your subscription is a minimum of 3 deliveries. You can skip months or change address at any time - just let us know. Our customer service team can assist you with any enquiries you have via support@cheesetherapy.com.au 

  5. We delivered to most of the country via refrigerated vehicles through Home Delivery Service. We no longer deliver through Australia Post due to unreliability. More details about delivery and where we deliver to can be found here.












Customer Reviews

Based on 123 reviews
Globetrotter cheese

Okay have tried the cheeses,loved the blue,it had big amount of mould which was a bit different for me,very strong flavour.I don’t like truffles,but I tried a piece but to truffle for me as I don’t eat fungi at all but I gave it to my neighbour who absolutely raved about it so to those truffle eaters give it a go. The goat cheese loved it,very smooth to eat and lovely flavour

First time

Only 4 out of 5 stars on account of delivery stuff up.
My fave from the Feb Globe trotter’s pack is the Woombye truffle brie. The earthy truffle flavour intensifies in the after taste.
The cheese tasting notes are fun, but I must admit I read them after tasting all the cheeses.
As for delivery I suspect the drivers are paid pittance per drop off so they can’t afford to care. I would prefer to pick up myself as I have to drive 1&1/2 hours to Cairns from the farm anyway. Delivery to PO Box would be even better; that’s just a 45 minute drive.

Some issues with this delivery

To soon to comment on all the cheeses - we have tried just the one so far. The Truffle Triple Cream Brie is most enjoyable and will be looking out for the opportunity to order it again at some time in the future.
We wondered why Cheese Therapy billed our credit card on 1 February and then only consigns the cheese two weeks later. I noticed the transaction and then started to look out for the delivery in that week and then became concerned that it did not arrive in the first or second week on February. Thinking that something must have gone wrong I contacted Cheese Therapy and eventually was advised that my cheese would be consigned on 15 February. Less confusing if it were billed on the day of consignment.

Our cheese generally arrives on Wednesday or Thursday. This time it was Thursday during hot weather. Our cheese was not very cool when it arrived. It seems to be OK - but another day in transit would not have been ideal. We would appreciate it if all of the cheeses were readily identifiable without the need for unwrapping them. One of the Globetrotter cheeses had no ID on it at all.

WE enjoy most of the cheeses!

Globetrotter - Jan 2021

Collina Veneta was outstanding - sweet, sharp & crumbly - very delectable.
L'Artisan Petit Fleuri was rich and buttery in texture.
The Blue Stilton was aromatic and creamy.
Milawa goat camembert was definitely different but maybe a little too strong for me.

Globetrotter cheeses

The overall score of 4 stars may well change after I have tried all the components of my Globetrotter Box. First taste was the stilton--definitely 5 star.
Next came the Goat Camembert- initially 2 stars as a "loner" but improved to 3 star when spread on some toasted sour dough with a little avocado.
I have yet to try the Fleuri and the Collina Veneta.

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