Milawa Cheesemaker Pack

Milawa Cheesemaker Pack
Milawa Cheesemaker Pack
Milawa Cheesemaker Pack
Milawa Cheesemaker Pack
Milawa Cheesemaker Pack
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Milawa Cheesemaker Pack
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Deliverying Cheese Australia-wide

The Milawa Pack!

"The Brown Family Legacy"

Milawa is a great example of a long standing, incredible Australian cheesemaker. Family run since 1988, Milawa hold a huge legacy in the world of cheese throughout Australia. We need to keep supporting these legends, so the legacy can continue now and well into the future.

Who is Milawa Cheese?

Just imagine, you’re a teacher and your husband is in applied science. A school friend consoles you every time over copious amounts of wine to create the best Cheese Factory in Victoria, Australia, The World! Yet what do you know about cheese making? After another stop at Brown Brothers, you sight the old butter factory in Milawa. Could this be it? You resign from your jobs, up digs in your cappuccino sipping inner Melbourne location and drag the kids to this “slower life”. Enter the dream of David & Anne Brown. Their very first cheese was crafted back in 1988 and to this day they’ve kept making the favourites and expanding on them to bring even more cheeses to life that are spot on the money. 

What are the cheeses?

We've put four cheeses in this pack to showcase our absolute favourites from Milawa Cheese. 

Goat Camembert

The great thing about Milawa Goat Camembert cheese is how it changes so much as it matures. These cheesemakers love their goats and it shines through in their finished cheeses. Young, it is fresh, firm and citrusy. As it ages, the rind and inside breaks down to give a flowing and luscious cheese with a strong goaty flavour. The sign of it reaching maturity is brownish flecks on the rind. This cheese will go well eaten past its Best Before date. If eating when fully ripe, allow the cheese to come to room temperature to allow the pungency of its rind to disappear.

Milawa Camembert

It was first made in the late 18th century at Camembert, Normandy, in northern France, and now crafted by many cheesemakers around the world, including our own Milawa Australian cheesemaker, Camembert has to be one of the most eaten cheeses! Well, by our books it is! Relaxing with friends - pass the camembert. In the late evening - pass the camembert. Breakfast - pass the camembert. Is there ever not a good time for a creamy, buttery, oozing wheel of camembert.

King River Gold

The King River Gold is a gentle, subtle style of stinky (washed rind) cheese. The rind is a delicate pink-orange colour and has a slight salty crunch to the bite, giving way to the soft, delicious interior. The flavour is rich yet mild with earthy, smoky notes, and a smooth paste that will start to ooze if you leave it out of the fridge for a few hours.

Saviour Blue

Realising that the mould hadn’t developed properly, the creamy white cheese with a slight blue hint had its rind cut off and was then chopped up. Combined with another blue, the mix was firmly pressed together to create a club blue with a rich buttery flavour, beautiful aged characteristics and a small hint of blue.

Why Milawa Cheese is for you

  • Milawa uses traditional cheesemaking methods and is a small, family-run farm and cheesemaker. They need your help to be able to keep producing some of Australia’s most incredible cheese. 
  • All Milawa cheese is made sustainably, with no machinery used in the production of any cheeses; all cheese is made, turned and washed by hand.
  • The cheese from goat milk has much less fat, cholesterol and calories of cows milk cheese.
  • Your grass may not be greener than your neighbour’s grass, but if you get a wheel of Milawa cheese, you’ll still be way cooler than them (in our eyes anyway).

Blessed are the cheesemakers.

The Nitty Gritty

If you would like us to delay your pack, please let us know. We only send on Monday and Tuesday so that our Cheese Packs are delivered prior to the weekend and avoid being held up somewhere. Not cool.

We send all parcels the fastest way possible which is either Fastway, AusPost Express or hand delivered by our cheese angels. 90% of our cheese packs arrive Wednesday or Thursday, while the others may take another day - and will arrive Friday. Every pack is wrapped in a special wool blanket to insulate it as well as being packed with 4 gel ice packs. This keeps it fresh in its wondrous journey to you.

Each cheese is 150g each, so total weigh is 600g. Weights may slightly vary, as these are all handmade cheeses.
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