Charleston by Kris Lloyd

~ Let it age before you eat ~ Kris Lloyd is considered royalty in the world of Australian cheese. Her dedicated wor...

Fleuri by L'Artisan

Matthieu Megard from L’Artisan has the pedigree to produce great fromage, being a third generation cheesemaker. His French heritage has shone through in this cheese which is luscious, bloomy and rich...

David Brown Select Cheddar by Milawa Cheese

Milawa’s David Brown has a particular love for aged cheddars and personally selects cheddar to mature in his cheese rooms. It’s not an easy task to select the best cheddar but David has the know-how and has made this his specialty... 

Triple Cream Brie by Bream Creek

Like any triple cream Brie this one melts on top of your tongue. But it tastes a bit differentl - in a great way! There is just something with this cheese that makes you want the moment to last a little bit longer, and the cheese to be a little bit bigger. Why? Because you simply can’t have enough of this indulgence.

Yarra Valley Dairy Hubert's

The superstar cheesemakers at Yarra Valley Dairy work hard to produce world-class cheese. Studying techniques both at home and abroad, this tasty washed rind cheese is a prime example of their excellence...

Washed Rind, Coal River Farm

~ Gold Medal Winner~ What started as a lifestyle change of knitting and growing vegetables, has now become one of...

Marinated Feta, Coal River Farm

~ The Star of the Dish~ What started as a lifestyle change of knitting and growing vegetables, has now become one ...

Triple Cream Brie, Coal River Farm

~ Most Indulgent ~ What started as a lifestyle change of knitting and growing vegetables, has now become one of Ta...

The Phoenix, Coal River Farm

~ Striking Beauty ~ Coal River Farm have taken their triple cream to the next level, rolling this creamy delicious...

White Wensleydale, Maffra

If it wasn’t for some quick thinking dairy farmers in North Yorkshire in the UK, Wendsleydale cheese would have disappeared into history. Generations later, on the other side of the world, a single cow herd on a little farm in Gippsland, Victoria, is re-creating this almost lost recipe. And boy are they doing it well! 

Le rouge - French heart and soul

There’s no mistaking that the world is in love with Frenchcheese. Seriously, it is the heart of the fromage world and hasgiven rise to flavours and styles that cheese makers across theglobe try to copy, often with little success. This cheese, on theother hand, has some serious French pedigree...

L'Artisan Marcel

In the cheesemaking world, there are cheesemakers who will keep making the same cheese and aim to perfect that. Meanwhile, there are makers who love to try new things, explore and showcase their talents.We love it when cheesemakers release something new.
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