Organic Hand ladled Stilton - Big, Blue & Beautiful

Organic Hand ladled Stilton Big, Blue & Beautiful

  • Producer - Cropwell Bishop Creamery
  • Origin -England
  • Milk Type -  Cow
  • Ageing -12 weeks

It’s refreshing to see enduring businesses in a throwaway
society. Often a business going for 10 years is “a long time”. But
when it comes to Cropwell Bishop, 160 years is kind of a big
deal. Having endured so much over this time, wars, depression
and changing tastes, the family continues to run one of the
world’s highest regarded dairies to produce a quality of cheese
that is deserving of its many awards.

Each season of the year changes the flavours of the milk quite
substantially resulting in the same cheese evolving through the
months as the warm summers give way to the dreary winters.
This stilton has been made on the prime summer milks giving a
sense of pasty white skin baking in a hot English sun. The time
to be alive in the UK is summer and this cheese certainly exudes
that. The creamy and salty taste has some great tang from the
blue veins. The edible rind adds to the different flavours that
has a big spicy aroma.

Stilton Fact of the Day
Like many other worldly cheeses, Stilton is a “protected”
cheese, only being made by just six producers in three counties
to an approved recipe. The Stilton Cheesemaker’s Association
keeps a tight reign on their trademark, manufacturing and
promotions to ensure that everything is perfect before leaving
the dairy. Formed in 1936, the SCMA also protect the much
lesser known White Stilton which rarely sees the light of day in
this country.

Drink with
• Dessert Wines
• Claret
• Lager

Eat with
• Pears
• Walnuts
• Drizzle with
Truffled Honey


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