Cashel Blue from Ireland

We are so lucky to taste and serve the Cashel Blue. First appearing in our very first pack in April 2016, this is an amazing example of top quality blue. The glisten tells you it rates high.

Cashel Blue Cheese

Hailing from Tipperary in Ireland, this cheese is made by the Grubb family and is Ireland's first blue. From their small 200acre farm, they produce such a fantastic result.

Watch Sam & Darren discuss this delicious cheese as well as what wine to match with it.

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  • Hi Ruth, each cheese is approx 200g. So a total of 800g in each pack. As well as some other little goodies. :)

    Sam @ Cheese Therapy
  • Hello
    Can you please advise as to how many grams of each cheese is delivered? Are all 4 cheeses the same weight?
    Thank you.


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