Tasting Notes

Le rouge - French heart and soul

There’s no mistaking that the world is in love with Frenchcheese. Seriously, it is the heart of the fromage world and hasgiven rise to flavours and styles that cheese makers across theglobe try to copy, often with little success. This cheese, on theother hand, has some serious French pedigree...

L'Artisan Marcel, A nod to a famous French Cheese

In the cheesemaking world, there are cheesemakers who will keep making the same cheese and aim to perfect that. Meanwhile, there are makers who love to try new things, explore and showcase their talents.We love it when cheesemakers release something new.

Bleu d’Auvergne - The Prince of the Blues

Quite often Roquefort is referred to as the King of the Blueswhile the Bleu d’Auvergne is called the Prince due to it’s younger, sweeter style. The creaminess of this offering from South-Central France will have you blessing the cheesemaker.

Fourme d’ambert 1000 years of tradition

We all know that France is well known for centuries of cheesemaking, history and tradition. Although Fourme d’Ambert is oneof the lesser known cheeses in Australia, it is certainly one ofFrances oldest dating back to the Roman occupation nearly1,000 years ago.

Clothbound Cheddar - From the most chilled cows on the planet

Quite often you will hear cheesemakers talking about thehappiness of their cows to produce the highest quality of milkpossible. Many believe this to be the number one factor andPyengana have taken this concept to the stratosphere! 

Fromager des Clarines - Made for baking

The creation of Jean Perrin is a story of romance. In 1965, JeanPerrin and Madeleine Vermot, both from old Franche-Comtefamilies, met. Both working in the cheese world in the JuraMountains of France, they decided to start their own dairy tocontinue the traditions and connection to their region. Theirpassion for tradition has been passed to their children,Jean-Luc and Jean-Marie, who carry on the family business.The authenticity and passion of Jean Perrin is testament to adesire to never lose sight of where they came from and neverto forget the past.

Truffle Triple Cream Brie - Cream of the Sunshine Coast

What could possibly be more indulgent than a triple cream brie? A triple cream brie infused with black truffle, that’s what!

Fougerus, from the heart of Brie

Fougerus, The heart of Brie, but not Brie   Producer - Fromagerie Rouzaire Origin - France Milk Type - Cow Ageing -...

Firstkönig, Bringing back to life a forgotten cheese

Firstkönig, The Mountain Cheese Producer - Güntensperger Käse Origin - Switzerland Milk Type - Cow Ageing - 3 month...

Gorgonzola Piccante - from the deep, dark depths of Valsassina

To many, the name Mauri is not one associated with Italy. Butthe first records show this surname to surface in Milan, thecapital of Lombardy. 

Organic Hand ladled Stilton - Big, Blue & Beautiful

It’s refreshing to see enduring businesses in a throwawaysociety. Often a business going for 10 years is “a long time”. Butwhen it comes to Cropwell Bishop, 160 years is kind of a bigdeal. 

Roquefort - The King of French Cheese

In a country of brilliant cheese, being declared “Le Roi desfromages” (The King of Cheeses), is no short task. Over thecenturies, Roquefort has captivated all who have tasted it, fromJulius Caesar to Denis Diderot.
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