Tasting Notes

Charleston by Kris Lloyd

~ Let it age before you eat ~ Kris Lloyd is considered royalty in the world of Australian cheese. Her dedicated wor...

Fleuri by L'Artisan

Matthieu Megard from L’Artisan has the pedigree to produce great fromage, being a third generation cheesemaker. His French heritage has shone through in this cheese which is luscious, bloomy and rich...

Jacquin Buche De Montresor

~ Who draws the straw? ~ The Jacquin family have been making traditional goat's milk cheeses for over 60 years. The...

Le Marquis Chevre De La Foret

A heavenly soft, farmstead goat’s cheese from just outside of Paris. Will Studd is known for his connection to the great worldwide cheesemakers, he collaborates with them to bring a range of cheese with diversity, quality and oodles of history.

Le Dauphin Soumaintrain by Will Studd

A great washed rind cheese needs to start with a great cheese. In this case, the starting cheese is the always scrumptious Le Dauphin, a double cream that makes you cave in to more every time...

Petit D'Affinois

~ Top of the Rich List ~ This cheese is not just rich, it’s stinking rich. It’s the champagne-swilling, polo-playin...

Shropshire Blue by Cropwell Bishop

The creamy texture has a sharp and strong flavour with a slightly spicy aroma. The bright orange hue comes from the addition of annatto, a natural food colouring. Although annatto does not change the flavour, the colour has made this cheese distinctive and world famous...

David Brown Select Cheddar by Milawa Cheese

Milawa’s David Brown has a particular love for aged cheddars and personally selects cheddar to mature in his cheese rooms. It’s not an easy task to select the best cheddar but David has the know-how and has made this his specialty... 

Triple Cream Brie by Bream Creek

Like any triple cream Brie this one melts on top of your tongue. But it tastes a bit differentl - in a great way! There is just something with this cheese that makes you want the moment to last a little bit longer, and the cheese to be a little bit bigger. Why? Because you simply can’t have enough of this indulgence.

Jacquin Buchette Ash

This is a beautiful cheese to include on a cheeseboard - the striking contrast of the black ash dusted onto the pure white is a delight for the eye. The Buchette is a mild and tangy fresh chevre and is slightly moist. Fantastic to use in cooking as well.

Celtic Red by Isle of Man Creamery

Celtic Red is a beautiful edition to a cheeseboard if you wish to add a little colour. A twist on the traditional recipe for Red Leicester...

Yarra Valley Dairy Hubert's

The superstar cheesemakers at Yarra Valley Dairy work hard to produce world-class cheese. Studying techniques both at home and abroad, this tasty washed rind cheese is a prime example of their excellence...
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