Feb 7, 2018

San Simon - A Hotly Debated Cheese

For years, the origin and shape of this cheese has been hotlydebated. Although nobody really knows the true origins,arguments still continue with some believing this cheese datesback to Roman times....

Feb 7, 2018

Aphrodite Haloumi - From the Greek goddess of love

The Mediterranean island of Cyprus is best known as the birthplaceof Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, as well as haloumi. Datingback thousands of years, haloumi was first created by nomadicshepherds to preserve the island’s milk supplies in Spring

Feb 7, 2018

Black Savourine -Goaty Goodness

If you haven’t been to Victoria’s Yarra Valley, what are youwaiting for? It has to be one of the country’s most stunningregions, with prestigious cellar doors and artisan foodproducers, and barely an hour from the hustle and bustleof Melbourne.

Feb 7, 2018

D’affinois Excellence - The cheese equivalent to Twister

In the not so distant past of 1981, a backyard cheese maker ina small French town decided to approach cheesemaking in anentirely different way...

Feb 7, 2018

Bontaleggio di Grotta - Greatness from darkness

In the northern reaches of Lombardy, Italy lies a valley calledValsassina. This North-South running valley starts high in thesnow capped mountains and extends down to empty it’s meltedsnow into the famous Lake Como. Beneath these snow cappedmountains lie several deep and important caves that one manrecognised as the ideal place to mature cheese.

Feb 1, 2018

Triple Cream Brie - From raspberries to cheese

What do you get when you cross a media & marketing personwith a jazz pianist? The luscious Triple Cream Brie of course!Realising that to avoid the bankruptcy of her father’s dairy dueto ever decreasing milk prices, Sheree quickly learnt the skillsto create a wide range of soft goat and cow cheeses. The restis history as their growing business has produced a muchneeded injection into the local Adelaide Hills economy thatwas once better known for textiles.

Feb 1, 2018

Woombye Camembert - New World Award Winner

Less than four years ago, a husband and wife team repatriatedback to Australia, deciding to make cheese on the SunshineCoast. Karen & Graham Paynter were clear in their vision, tocreate outstanding cheese from the cream rich milks of Maleny.

Feb 1, 2018

Blackall Gold - A Clandestine Operation Producer

Woombye is one of those small towns that everyone knowswhere it is but no one has really heard of it before. Describingit’s location is simple. It’s where the Big Pineapple is on theSunshine Coast! Once an Aussie tourism icon, the BigPineapple is now used for music festivals and the odd farmersmarket on Sundays. Woombye Cheese Co continues this localtradition of “where is it” with their operation feeling soclandestine that the only way to find them is with a precise GPSmarker and knowing exactly which tree to turn at. There is nosign or hint that greatness comes from this area. Unlike WillyWonka where “nobody ever goes in, and nobody ever comesout”, their cheese shows up all around the country shrouded inmystery. We have no idea how anyone goes in, because evenwe can’t find it on our weekly hunt for them.

Feb 1, 2018

Graindorge Camembert

Just a short 20 minute drive North from the tiny town ofCamembert in Normandy, France, finds you at the GraindorgeFromagerie. The epicentre of this splendid variation has beenbastardised over the years with makers all over the worldcalling their rubbery substances, Camembert. Even this cheese,delivered to Australia, has to use pasteurised milk to conformto our food laws, renders it not entirely a camembert. Butdamn, this is as close as we can possibly get, and it’s wonderful.

Feb 1, 2018

Le Marquis Chevre - An ingot of silky gold

We are lucky that one of our mates, Will Studd, happens to also bethe top cheese guru in the world. If you haven’t watched his show,Cheese Slices, check it out! Will’s wine friends wanted a cheese thatwas not “goaty” like many of the other soft goats cheeses thatwere out there.

Feb 1, 2018

Goat Camembert - An Evolving Cheese

The romance of making cheese is one that is in many of us. Butin the case of David & Anne Brown, their cheese romancestarted in 1988 when they bought the historic Milawa ButterFactory...

Feb 1, 2018

Tarago Tripple Cream - Silky Heaven

We are so fortunate in Australia to have access to some of thebest milk in the world. Laurie Jensen and David Robinson havecreated a masterpiece with their triple cream cheese. Hailingfrom the East Gippsland region at the base of the GreatDividing Range, this area was chosen for the quality of milk thatcould be produced.
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