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Cashel Blue from Ireland

Cashel Blue from Ireland 2

Hailing from Tipperary in Ireland, this cheese is made by the Grubb family and is Ireland's first blue. From their small 200acre farm, they produce such a fantastic result.
The basics of how to serve great cheese - 6 Hot Tips

The basics of how to serve great cheese - 6 Hot Tips 0

So you've spent up big on some star cheeses but now you're a tad unsure of how to serve them? Well these simple steps will make you look like the cheese aficionado as your friends sing your praises for serving up flavours they couldn't even imagine.
Storing Cheese 101 -  The Basics

Storing Cheese 101 - The Basics 0

Seeking out amazing cheeses is only half the challenge. The way you store and serve them is where the real magic is for you and your friends to enjoy the amazing flavours from around the world. Get it right and you're the rockstar for the night.
The Birth of Cheese Therapy

The Birth of Cheese Therapy 0

The frenzy that is starting a business is always an exciting time. There are so many challenges along the way but they are minor obstacles in our pursuit of making Cheese Therapy great. We now have everything sorted from packaging, a world of amazing cheese, delivery partners and our launch event. Website is a constant work-in-progress. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting us via social media. Our Facebook and Instagram accounts have certainly been active!