Tarago Tripple Cream - Silky Heaven

Tarago Tripple Cream - Silky Heaven

Tarago Triple Cream Silky Heaven

  • Producer - Tarago River Cheese
  • Origin - Australia
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing - 3 weeks

We are so fortunate in Australia to have access to some of the
best milk in the world. Laurie Jensen and David Robinson have
created a masterpiece with their triple cream cheese. Hailing
from the East Gippsland region at the base of the Great
Dividing Range, this area was chosen for the quality of milk that
could be produced.

These two guys come with some cheesemaking heritage! Their
Great Grandfathers came out from Denmark in the late 1800’s
and immediately got to work creating cheese wonders. The
families have been making cheese ever since. The silkiness of
this cheese is amazing and the decadence that this offers really
showcases their knowhow.

The creamy softness simply melts in the mouth. It’s easy to feel
that this is a triple cream as it starts to ooze. As the cheese
ripens, the softer it will get. We highly recommend getting this
to room temperature before eating even though it’s so
tempting to start getting into it. Let the excitement build!

Gippsland fact of the day
This region is characterised by deep minerals which have been
brought to the surface by mountain ash forests to enrich the
soils of the entire region. This, coupled with even rainfall
through all four seasons has created an environment for
nutrient rich grass and some very contented cows.

Drink with
• Semillon Sauvignon
• Sparkling Wine

Eat with
• Wafers
• Mild Baguette

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