Cheese Box

Interview with Milawa Cheese

We were incredibly lucky to interview Ceridwen of the fabulous Milawa Cheese cheesemakers. We found out a little bit about the day-to-day life of a cheesemaker, about the delicious Milawa cheeses and about what might be next for this iconic Australian cheese monger.

Gift Ideas in a Box for Every Occasion

Special occasions can happen every day of the year. Father's Day, Christmas, birthdays - even Mondays could have their glow-up moment if  celebrated properly. Whatever the occasion we have the best gift ideas so you can send all the thoughts, feelings, best wishes and warmest regards when you can’t be with the ones you love.

How to Create Beautiful Cheese Platter Boards

There's an art to creating perfectly balanced cheese platter boards - from cheese to breads, from meats to fruits - it all needs to vibe and meld to create a truly sumptuous feast for you and your guests.  So, let's talk through the simple magic to creating a picture-perfect platter full of delicious, complementary cheeses, tastes and textures.

Subscribe and Imbibe: Elevate Your Cheese Subscription with Wine

Believe us when we say that our subscription boxes equal cheese with benefits. Convenience and a whole new world of tastes and textures delivered to your door are just the start.  Read on and find out all the goodies you get when you get a Cheese Therapy subscription and become part of our cheese-loving community.  

Gift Hampers Aren’t Just for Gifts

Giving gift hampers for birthdays, anniversaries and thank yous is a great thing – after all, people love, love, love getting gifts of food (especially cheese, chocolate and wine, naturally!).  But gift hampers aren’t just for… well, gifts.  From date nights end of the year parties, here are some of our favourite non-gift ways to use gift hampers. Find out more!

The Ease of Cheese Delivered to Your Door

Ordering cheese delivered to your door definitely means the living is easy. When you’re juggling all the things for all the people, we make one thing quick and easy for you. With an enjoyable online browse, cheese delivered to your door is just a few clicks away.
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