Milawa Blue - The cornerstone of a legend

Milawa Blue - The cornerstone of a legend

Milawa Blue The cornerstone of a legend

  • Producer - Milawa Cheese Co.
  • Origin - Australia
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing - 4 weeks

Just imagine, you’re a teacher and your husband is in Applied
Science. A school friend consoles you every time over copious
amounts of wine to create the best Cheese Factory in Victoria,
Australia, The World! Yet what do you know about cheese
making? After another stop at Brown Brothers you sight the old
butter factory in Milawa. Could this be it? You resign from your
jobs, up digs in your cappuccino sipping inner Melbourne and
drag the kids to this “Slower life”. Enter the dream of David &
Anne Brown. And their first cheese back in 1988? Milawa Blue
which continues to this day to be spot on the money.

The fact that they wanted to create European-inspired cheese
back in the eighties was smart considering the drought of great
produce that was coming into the country. David had fallen in
love with the cheeses of Northern Italy, particularly the young
and sweet Gorgonzola Dolce. After several years of trying,

Milawa Blue was perfected with an Italian flair but Austra-

Farmhouse fact of the day...
During a time of great upheaval in the dairy industry of the 60’s
and 70’s, Australia lost nearly 90% of its farmers due to
deregulation and allowance of very cheap milk imports.
Australia went from 70,000 dairy farmers to just 7,000. These
were desperate times for those stayed. The rise of the
Farmhouse Cheese movement allowed dairy farmers to
value-add their milk to make cheese. Just like a water into
wine scenario, the lives of many farmers and their families in
this country can be attributed to cheese. Blessed are
the cheesemakers.

Drink with
• Botrytis
• Fruity & Sweet Reds

Eat with
• Prosciutto
• Figs
• Walnuts
• Quince Paste

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  • Sam Penny
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