Jensens Red - From the stench of foot odour...

Jensens Red - From the stench of foot odour...

Jensens red From the stench of foot odour...

  • Producer - Tarago River 
  • Origin - Australia 
  • Milk Type - Cow 
  • Ageing - 3 months

In the late 1800’s, two Dutch families arrived in Australia and

got to work building up a dairy and producing milk. They chose
the Gippsland region for its deep minerals, rich soils, even
year-round rainfall and nutrient rich grass. Not long after, the
Jensen & Robinsen families started making cheese and to this
day are considered among some of the most important names
in the industry.

Now run by Laurie Jensen and David Robinson,
Tarago (pronounced with a short second ‘a’ unlike the mini-van)
continues to be a favourite among chefs the country and
cheese lovers alike.

The red rind makes it obvious that this is truly a stinky washed
rind. Even cold in the fridge, the aroma wafts out each time you
open the door. Although not as strong as many other washed
rinds, the smell has you intrigued as to the intensity with your
first bite. This cheese gets washed in a light brine for the first
three months to promote the growth of the brevibacterium
linens. The creaminess when ripe gives a great mouth feel as it
melts away. It’s no wonder this is one of the most popular
washed rinds in Australia.

Brevibacterium Linens fact of the day
It’s a wonderful thing how mould is encouraged in the world of
cheese. Washed rinds are no different as the common smell of
dirty socks is due to the promotion of brevibacterium linens on
the other rind through daily washing in brine. Brevibacterium is
ubiquitous to the human skin where it causes foot odour. This
same bacterium ferments the cheeses to create a very unique
and wonderful flavour. Strangely enough, its aroma also
attracts mosquitos.

Drink with
• Sparkling Wine
• Chardonnay
• Pale Ale

Eat with
• Sourdough
• Wild Balsamic Onions

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