Gippsland Blue - Sticking up for Australian Dairy

Gippsland Blue - Sticking up for Australian Dairy

Gippsland Blue Sticking up for Australian Dairy

  • Producer - Tarago River
  • Origin - Australia
  • Milk Type - Cow
  • Ageing -10 weeks

We have long been supporters of cheesemakers who try new
things, challenge the norm and focus on the quality of their
product that best shows their expertise. The Gippsland Blue is
arguably the first farmhouse blue created in Australia during a
time of great upheaval in the dairy industry. Several decades
ago, an unwise Australian government decided to allow a flood
of milk into the country which resulted in the catastrophic
situation of thousands of dairies to close. Faced with a dire
situation, Laurie Jensen and Richard Thomas stood up to create
an industry of farmhouse cheeses that saved many from going to
the wall. Laurie continues to lead Tarago River, along with David
Robinson, to be one of the most important people in the
cheesemaking world.


Those familiar with the gorganzola’s of Italy would find some
parallels with the Gippsland Blue. This smooth, sweet and
creamy cheese has a wonderful tang and spiciness which a great
blue should. The location of Tarago River was to capitalise on
the high quality of cream produced in the region which you’ll
quickly realise when you feel this in your mouth.

Blue Mould Fact of the Day
The mould that produces those amazing colours, smells and
flavours in blue cheeses is called Penicillium Roqueforti. First
discovered in the caves of Roquefort, France, this fungus has
become the mould of choice the world over when it comes to
blues. Although this mould is related to the antibiotic penicillin,
blue cheese does not cause an allergic reaction like some
people have to the antibiotic.

Drink with
• Dessert Wines
• Pinot Noir
• Riesling

Eat with
• Pears
• Nuts
• Lavosh

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