This stinky cheese will make you come back for more

This stinky cheese will make you come back for more

If you are fantatical about cheese then this will be a highlight for you. Coming from Valsassina in North Western Italy, this Taleggio is a remarkable example of fresh raw ingredients and ancient maturing processes. This cheese is matured in caves that are kept at a constant 5-6deg due to the melting snow above seeping down into the deep cracks. This melted snow also helps with the humidity to ensure the cheese is spectacular! The Mauri family have created a wonder.

Watch Darren and Sam discuss the Mauri Taleggio and what wine to match with it.

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  • Sam Penny
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  • Cate BLatch
    Cate BLatch

    My Cheese Therapy delivery has just arrived and it is beautifully presented. The tasting notes and packaging look wonderful. Can’t wait to enjoy the cheeses!

  • Jenny

    I cannot wait to try this one!

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